Are there any recertification or renewals required?

Yes. So when we talk about certification, there are really two certifications to which we refer. One is the Kresser Institute, the ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach credential, which is the A-CFHC, and we’re going to be getting into a lot more detail as to what are the elements of that certification and the milestones that you would need to achieve to gain that credential.

And then the other credential that we are an approved program for is the National Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaching, which is the NBC-HWC credential, which is the National Board certification. And for both of the credentials, whether it’s the ADAPT credential certification or the NBC-HWC credential, both have three-year certifications, at which point recertification would be necessary. There are specific elements of that having to do with continuing education, certainly keeping track and a log of your coaching sessions. A certain number of hours of coaching during those three years, and as well keeping up to date on any other current recommendations or requirements from continuing education and licensure. But both of ours are at three years.