How do I track my live session attendance and Zoom links?

What is the best and easiest way to track your attendance? An Acuity Registered Client Account.

You will be responsible for tracking your required attendance throughout the course. You can keep the sessions missed as incomplete in your coursework. You can keep a completely up-to-date calendar with all sessions you attend.

But what is the best and easiest way to track your attendance? An Acuity Registered Client Account.

What is a Registered Client Account?

After you schedule an appointment, you’re given the option to register for a client account on the ADAPT client scheduling page. This allows you to:

  • Sign in to your client scheduling page to reschedule or cancel existing appointments.
  • View all upcoming and past appointments that have been scheduled while logged into your account.

Note: It is not mandatory for you to register for a client account on the ADAPT scheduling page. You will never be required to log in to schedule an appointment with ADAPT. However, this account will make things much simpler for you, moving forward, if you make sure you are signed into Acuity when scheduling your live sessions.

A client account can only be registered by clicking Register after booking an appointment through the ADAPT scheduling page. Admins cannot register an account on behalf of clients.

Which appointments do you see when you are logged in?

You will see any appointments that are specifically assigned to your account.

Unless an appointment is assigned to your account, it will not appear when you’re logged into their account. Appointments can be assigned to client accounts in several different ways:

  • If you are logged in when scheduling appointments, you will have your appointments assigned to your account automatically. 
  • After registering for a client account, you will receive a verification email from Acuity. After you’ve verified, any previous appointments they had booked with the same email address will be retroactively assigned to your account.

Your upcoming appointments will appear in a green box, like this:

When you click on the appointment, you will be shown the appointment information, to include the Zoom meeting link for joining the session (underneath the date and time of the session):

You have the option to cancel your session, here. You are also able to add to iCal, Outlook, and Google. When you add to those calendars, the Zoom link will be a part of the calendar event.

How you create a Registered Client Account​

You create on the confirmation page of your Client’s Scheduling Page. This will allow you to see their appointment history, as well as future appointments.


Here is what it will look like:



Note: Once you create a Client Account, your name, phone number, and email address will be pre-filled on the contact page on the Client’s Scheduling Page if you are using the same computer/browser.

Reset Forgotten Password on Registered Client Account​

If you have forgotten your password as a registered client, you will be prompted to request to reset your password.

Here is what this will look like:

You will go to the Client’s Scheduling Page and click the login link on the scheduling page:


After clicking that link, a popup will have them input their credentials:


How am I counted Present for my live session?

Your display/attendance name and email address is requested of you every time you click a Zoom link to join a live session. Please make sure that your first and last name is visible as your display name. In the case of Mentor Coach and TA sessions, you must have your camera on and fully participate to be counted present. If we cannot identify your attendance, then we cannot mark you as present. If you have not registered in Acuity, we cannot mark you present. Please refer to this Zoom support article on Joining a webinar for detailed instructions. If you have any questions about Zoom, you can contact Zoom Support at

How do I cancel an appointment that I cannot attend?

Please refer to this article: What if I cannot make my registered session or I want to switch to another session?