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How to order a transcript from TranscribeMe

Step-by-step instructions on how to order a transcript

  1. Go to TranscribeMe.com.
  2. Under the Log In dropdown in the upper right of the screen, click “Customer Portal” and enter your information or create an account.
  3. Click the orange “Upload” button near the upper right of the screen.
  4. Find your PSD2 video recording file and upload it to TranscribeMe. Drag and drop the file into the uploader, or choose “Upload from Weblink” and paste the URL to your recording.
    1. If you’ve stored your video file in Dropbox, choose the “Choose a File from Dropbox” option. 
  5. Wait for the file to upload.
  6. Click the “Transcribe” button when the file has finished uploading.
  7. Select “Standard” transcription type (or higher).
  8. Select “Included, 2-3 Speakers” from the “Speaker IDs and Timestamps” dropdown.
  9. Set the “Language (Accent)”. 
  10. Enter the promo code: KresserInsST.2019
  11. Click “Apply”, then enter your card information and place your order.
  12. Check that you have received a confirmation email from TranscribeMe.
  13. Wait for TranscribeMe to generate your video transcript. This process can take up to one week to complete, so be prepared to execute your transcript order at least one week before the PSD2 deadline. When your transcript is ready, TranscribeMe will automatically send you a notification email. Until then, your transcript order will appear in your Recording Dashboard as “In Progress”.