What if I cannot make my registered session or I want to switch to another session?

Because attendance is limited in many of these sessions. It is important that you cancel any appointments you know you are not going to attend.

In your registration confirmation email, Acuity will offer you the opportunity to register for a free Client Account. We recommend that you register for this free account as it will allow you to check up on your upcoming sessions and will also give you access to your session links. You are not required to register, but it might make things easier as you move through the course, as you can simply log into Acuity to see what appointments you have made, and make alterations to your schedule.

You are also able to reschedule and cancel your registration for upcoming live sessions by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in your confirmation email. 

When you click the Change/Cancel Appointment button, you’re brought to your appointment confirmation page, where you’re given options to cancel or reschedule (see example screenshot below). You will simply want to cancel and then you can select another appointment from the calendar, if you need.

Note: Time zones can’t be edited after an appointment has been scheduled! You will have to cancel the appointment, then rebook with the right time zone in cases like this!