Getting Started

Want to get the most out of your ADAPT Academy experience? Use the Getting Started checklist as your guide. These simple tasks will quickly familiarize you with all that the Academy site has to offer.
In addition, here's a quick overview of each section of the Academy:
The Dashboard
You’ll visit the dashboard page each time you log in. Here you can find out what content is new this week—and what’s coming next week as well.

On the upper right is your Profile. Click “Update my account” to edit information such as your email address. You can also click on “My saved content” to review any piece of content that you’ve marked as “Save for later.” 
In the Courses section, you’ll find our longer training options, which are divided into lessons designed to take one to two hours of your time each week. Our courses offer something for everyone. Whether you want to learn more about an ancestral diet (Paleo Template 101), discover how to be more productive (Busy to Balanced), or dive deeply into diagnosis and treatment (SIBO and Iron Seminars), we’ve got you covered.
Simply click on a course to get started. Each course has an introduction that outlines the course content, lists all of the lessons, and gives you a total estimated time commitment.
The Training section keeps you informed about the latest advances. A new Research Updateeach month provides a roundup of the latest studies published on a particular topic, covering key points and providing analysis. The Live Seminars feature new in-depth interviews with leading experts in the field every month. Seminars generally last an hour and have a period of live Q&A at the end.
Quick Wins
Only have 10 minutes? Our short Quick Win videos are designed to provide you with clear, focused tips and information that you can immediately apply to your practice. Prefer to read or listen, rather than watch? We also provide audio tracks and transcripts. The accompanying handouts will help you put the information into practice.
Did you know that any patient handout available in the Academy can be generated here with your own personal branding via the Handout Generator? Be sure to check it—and other tools—out in the resources section!
The heart of the Academy is our community. Head on over and introduce yourself. There are people all over the world who feel just as passionately about functional medicine as you do.